How to Date Married Women Online?
Scheduling Dates
Step 4: Scheduling Dates
  You have now made some new cyber-connections and the next step is to decide which man or married women are dateable or should be dismissed. So how do you go about planning and scheduling your dates?

Let us should you how:

  1. First start with a phone conversation before you schedule your date. A person who looks good by email might turn out quite different over the phone. There is nothing wrong in being choosy. If a person does not sound right, get off the phone with a polite excuse and call another one.

  2. Once you have made your first meeting, make it brief. Go for a cup of coffee at a cafeW or go for a stroll in the park. Just make sure that you really like that person before you are fully committing to the relationship.

  3. After your first initial meeting, if you have a good impressions of that person why not then make a real date. If the photo of you man did not reveal, the bald spot and the potbelly or the woman did not reveal the figure she has and that blonde hair you like that you should make a clean getaway plan quick.

The Quick Getaway
So what happens if you cannot stand the person you are meeting or his or her photos is totally different to the actual person, then you have to make the decision to either stay or run?

So you have decided to stay and see where it goes with this person. OK, this person seems to be 10 years older, 30 pounds heavier, at least 4 inches shorter than what they have described and have odor that smells much worst then your grandpa's foot. By now you are convince that you have entered a scam. If so and if you have the guts, tell him or her not to make any further attempts to contact you.

On the other sides of things, the person still looks attractive and none of this scam would have stopped you from meeting him or her. The only thing to deal with is the fact that this relationship was originally built on a serious and purposeful dishonesty. Maybe, you should consider to the "run" in the first place.

If him or her have lied to you in the first place why give them the chance to explain their lie. You have every right to stop in between a mid-sentence and walk out. You should not feel embarrassed or bad either. If they have lied to you, they have lied to someone else too. That person can never be trusted, even if you have pursued just a friend to friend relationship.

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