How to Date Married Women Online?
Learn to Cyber-Flirt
Step 3: Learn to Cyber-Flirt
  I would assume that now your inbox is filled with sweet messages from all those cyber-studs out there. So it is time to learn how you should weed out the duds. To do this you would need to learn how to cyber-flirt.

For a lot of us, communicating with someone for the very first time can be very stressful and confusing. So of us may find it actually exciting and easy especially flirting with someone online. However, whichever category you fall into the following tips can help you to find the right words, tones, and keyboard symbols to send to your online crush.

If you were the first to initiate an e-flirt, keep your message relatively simple and short, but for all time include a captivating phase or fact about yourself to draw curiosity and to inspire a connection will each others interests and hobbies.

Just say for whatever reason you decide you are not interested in further pursuing contact with your e-flirtee. There are various ways that you can send the right message without being rude. We call this technique open- and closed-circle email. In an open-circle email it always ends with a question, where a closed-circle email does not. By using an open-circle email you are indicating to the person that you are interested in further contacts, while a closed-circle email you are letting the opposite party know that you want to end and stop any emailing contacts.

For example:

Open-circle: It sounds like you quite like going to the movies - what kinds of movies do you like to see? Who are your favorite actor and actress?

Closed-circle: That's cool that you like going to the movie. Have a great time!

So now you may ask how long do I have to wait before I should return the email? Well, in the offline world, timing is everything, but the rules for emails are very different. You are not required to return an email immediately or to require returning it in 3 days times. It is recommended that you vary your response time, and be aware of how long your friend on the other side takes to respond to you.

Lastly you should be aware of you grammar and spelling. Differ people have different standards to this in the email community. In the beginning, try to slip up on the grammatically correct sides of things. By doing this the person who is receiving you email will know that you are capable of writing complete sentences. After you have completed your email, it never hurts to run a spell-check or take the time to proofread your work. Once you have established a bond, you can then have the freedom to us lower cases, slang terms, and more casual communication methods.

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