How to Date Married Women Online?
Step 1: Married Women Getting Noticed
Step 1: Married Women Getting Noticed
  In the world of online dating, a beautiful picture and an attractive profile are worth more than a million works.

So how to you make yourself stand out? The world of cyber-dating by having the right profile is important. Therefore, it is crucial for you to put our best faced photo forward when it comes to your online photo. Your photo should not be revealing. Just be natural and show the real you.

Taking Great Digital Photos:
Guess what? The first thing men go online dating or chatting would be to see your photo. The last things they would notice is the cute outfit you have on or that great highlight that cost you a fortune to get done at the salon. Basically, a guy just wants to see what you look like. Therefore, your photo is important because it indicates that you are seriously committed to dating online. Without a photo, you give the person on the other side an impression that you have something to hide.

One of the benefits of a photo is that it gives you about 10 times more contacts than without one. So how do we take a good photo? Most online dating services allow you to load up to 6 photos at a time, but it is recommended that no more than 3 photos are the best. This is because anymore than that and you will look insensitive and guys would generally pick the worst-looking photo and assure that you look like that.

Therefore, to make a good impression in your pose you should stay away from props like hats, sunglasses, or scarves, holding your pet, or posing with other people in your shot. All you want to do is to give a welcoming smile, calm appearance just like someone a guy would want to date in real-life.

There are 2 ways to capture those killer shot online:
  1. By scanning an existing printed photo
  2. Capturing a shot with a digital camera
Most basic digital cameras do not have a self-timer, so get a trusting friend to take a photograph for you. When you take your photo, make sure that it is not blurry or obscuring our face. Most online dating only provides a small area to place your photo on the page, therefore, when taking your photo focus on your face and shoulders rather than a full body shots.

Wear comfortable clothing and makeup that makes you feels attractive. For your pose, try to stand against an unobtrusive background. Try to avoid things such as:

  • Distracting wallpaper
  • Bright sunlight: this would bring out ugly shadows and every pore on your face
  • Close-ups: do not bring the camera close to our face as this would make you look distorted.
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